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Ikari the (not so) great


Lon’qu: I am delighted to hear that. I hereby vow to never leave your side… I dedicate my sword to protecting you.

Olivia: And I promise to stay by your side as well for the rest of my life!

Fire Emblem: Awakening    [Otakon 2014]
Olivia / Lon’qu / Photographer


Happy Birthday to Hermione Jean Granger <September 19th>

Thanks for making my childhood magical!



Title: Child of the Stars
Author/Circle: asteroid
Paring: Levi and Eren
Language: English
Translator from Chinese to English: whostolethetaiyaki
Typesetting: ninaleena
Number of pages and rating: 38pg/T
Where to buy:

Beautiful reincarnation story. Read to see it yourself.

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So I spent pretty much most of my night thinking about my OTFamily (Cordelia/Donnel/Severa) and remembered a certain headcanon I had for them and it made me start gushing feelings so I just had to gush all over my tablet to get it out.  I MISS AND LOVE THEM SO MUCH 。・゚(゚ノT-T)ノ

The headcanon is that with Donnel as her dad, Severa had his accent when she was little, being a daddy’s girl and living in his village and all, and Cordelia would always make sure to try and correct her speech.  And then when they both died she lost it completely but some of his phrases and accent still sneak into her speech sometimes ヽ(;▽;)ノ

I HAVEN’T DRAWN SEVERA IN FOREVER THOUGH I miss her sob.  Funnily enough though I didn’t even need a reference as I was doing her clothes, I managed to do it by memory.  This was super fun to do though.




pls don’t look at me






HAIKYUU AWAKENING!! drawings I did for the haikyuu/fire emblem crossover prompts for hq69min and fe69min on twitter— lol


I can never die.


so i actually did color this and im probably not going to edit in a throne

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